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Welcoming Back the Excellent and Safe International Education Australia is Known For

Welcoming Back the Excellent and Safe International Education Australia is Known For - Virtual Student AgencySenator the Honourable Christopher Evans expressed his extreme pleasure and pride when announcing the forward progress of the Australians Governments favourable response to the long awaited Baird Review, the legislature that governs the international education Australia is trying to enhance. It was just last March that Senator Evens made his recommendations for continued and enhanced world-class education for international students in a report that also ensures the safety of international students, a major concern due to recent events. When it comes to international students and education, Australia has a bit of a black eye.

Education Australia is Known For

The report, entitled Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS Act 2000) is full of no holds barred recommendations designed to protect fully not only the international student, but also the high standard of education Australia is known for throughout the world. Everyone knew it would not take long for the Honourable Christopher Evens to take action. He is known very well for his advocacy of the international students right to the best education Australia has to offer and that is quite a formidable statement considering Australia offers the finest education, Institutions, and safety the world of education has ever seen.

The Safe Education Australia Offers

Senator Evans pulled no punches in his report about the education Australia must have. The senator is known for taking pride in the education Australia offers to international students and even more pride in making sure that every student can come to receive the education Australia provides without fear of any kind of retribution or isolated attacks from outrageous groups or individuals. This was clearly evident when he “invited” submissions of feedback from stakeholders on the education Australia needs, which include education peak bodies, providers, regulators, and even student agents and the students themselves. It is this kind of progressive, passive aggressive move that makes this Government stand up and back the education Australia is constantly striving to improve. The submissions are due by January 21, 2011 and you can bet that no one is going to miss that mark. When it comes to this new policy on education, Australia will produce results.

The Education Australia Promises

The Senator is paraphrased as saying that he wants regulators to have the power to do whatever is necessary to enforce compliance with the legislation by giving them much greater flexibility when it comes to risk management. In doing so, he sends a strong message that if you are in Australia for an education, Australia is going to make sure that you safely receive it. No one should be fearful to come to Australia to live, work and study. For many years now, when it comes to the best education, Australia has been at the top of the list for international students.

The Safe Education Australia Stands For

This offer of consultation comes right on the heels of the Governments first phase response to the Baird Review. On 27 October 2010, Parliament was introduced to the first set of legislative reforms. This makes it quite clear that education, Australia’s strength and future, is a top priority and the safety of the international student is linked directly to it. Some of these changes include an overhaul of the complaint and appeals process by the expanding role of the Commonwealth Ombudsman, financial penalties for non-compliance, and far greater risk management measures. This alone illustrates that in education, Australia is taking a firm stand for the international student.

The Education Australia Commits To

Phase Two of the consultation paper is pushing forward with ways to continue with the remaining recommendations made by the Baird Review. This include closely monitoring and tighter management of the education Australia providers are offering to overseas students, making the tuition protection framework even stronger, streamlining ESOS so that it is stronger, more intelligently put forward, and yet simpler in its design, and closely scrutinising and possibly overhauling the regulatory effect on providers.

The Education Australia Provides International Students

Online form submissions are available as well as access to the consultation paper’s contents. They are on the Australian Education International website. The students gloves are off with this kind of swift and forceful move for the international education Australia is demanding.

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    I was almost ready to quit (again) until I stumbled upon the VSA-AU link. Great info. Great advice!

  • Maria Wright

    I was almost ready to quit (again) until I stumbled upon the VSA-AU link. Great info. Great advice!

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