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The Virtual Student Agency’s Privacy Policy

The Virtual Student Agency is committed to the protection of our clients and potential client’s privacy and security. In order to communicate our commitment, we have developed this privacy policy. We will keep the information that we obtain from our clients secure and confidential and will not sell, rent, or share your confidential information with any outside source except that which is expressed and disclosed on our website. The Virtual Student Agency will take any and all reasonable measures to protect and ensure all of your personal information in our possession or control against loss, disclosure, modification, and unauthorized access. All of our staff that deals with personal information are made aware of national Privacy Principles and undertake in writing to protect said information.

Personal Information Collection

Any information collected by the Virtual Student Agency from its clients and/or potential clients is stored in a password-protected database on a secure server. This is inclusive of all information obtained via website form or any other form of communication, including Skype calls, messaging, chats, and postal mail. This also includes information that is deemed confidential by you such as hobbies and/or interests as well as information pertinent to an application to an educational institution or government agency. You may give us permission to use the information you provide to offer you services or products that may be of interest to you if you so choose. Providing information and sending it to the Virtual Student Agency will be deemed as expressed permission by the user to share your information only with the third parties that are pertinent to the relationship the client is trying to build with the third party. In

other words, by giving Virtual Student Agency your information, you give permission for the Virtual Student Agency to share the information with the institution or agency for which you, the client, are applying with or with whom the client is obtaining a relationship. The Virtual Student Agency is not responsible for any other group, institution, or agency once your confidential information passes to them with your consent. The client is responsible for knowing outside agencies, institutions, or groups privacy policies that the client asks the Virtual Student Agency to deal with on their behalf.

The Virtual Student Agency relies on the accuracy of the information the client provides and is not liable for any outcome on information that is not provided correctly or is false. If the clients personal or confidential information changes after it has be given to the Virtual

Student Agency with consent to share with outside agencies, institutions, or organizations pertinent to the client’s needs, the client is responsible for contacting the Virtual Student Agency with the updated information. The Virtual Student Agency is not responsible for information that has changed without contacting us with the changes. To change personal information, the client must send an email with the changes to with the words “Change in Information” in the subject line.

The Virtual Student Agency will verify all changes with the client.

Virtual Student Agency Client communication

The Virtual Student Agency retains the right to send the client automated information that may be pertinent to the client. We may send the client information based on personal information collected from the client if we deem the client may want to be included in the knowledge or we feel the client will benefit from the information. The client may opt out of receiving this type of communication at any time via a link that will be included in the mailing. No information will be

shared with any parties except those listed on the Virtual Student Agency website without expressed consent from the client or potential client.

Other non-personal information

The Virtual Student Agency uses current technology to record statistical information for use in improving our service. It is not used track a client’s movement on its website. This information may include the user ip address and/or domain information that is not confidential under law. The information is only used for statistical purposes, navigational improvement, and site functionality and is also not shared with any outside parties.

Contact us

Questions concerning the Virtual Student Agency’s privacy policy or website services may be emailed to the Virtual Student Agency at the address provided on the Contact Us page. The Virtual Student Agency reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policy and any changes will be posted on the privacy policy pages. Please check the Virtual Student Agency’s privacy policy often for any changes.

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