Come to study in Australia! The Virtual Student Agency can help you achieve your career dreams. It might sound bold, but we offer about 1,500 of Australia providers' more than 26,000 education courses. Are you ready to take the first step to start the career of your dreams? Our services are free!

Why Study in Australia?

Why Study in Australia? - Virtual Student AgencyAustralia has the most-unique educational program in the world for prospective students want to study in Australia.

The entire system is overseen by the Minister of Education with the purpose of providing higher education and conducting research, most of which is to the benefit and betterment of Australia and the world. It maintains a code of excellence throughout the world that is second-to-none. The English courses Australia has to offer are among the best anywhere, helping to lure international students from a wide variety of languages.

How Do They Do This?

Every Australian university and technical college must meet a national protocol set forth by the Minister of Education in order to be recognized and to receive grants. Both self-accrediting and non-self accrediting institutions are included in the Australian Qualifications Framework Register. (AQFR) Every state and territory must meet these qualifications to register. This means that every school under the AQFR must meet and follow strict guidelines and provide some of the world’s finest education.

What Does This Mean For Me, the International Student Who Wants to Study in Australia?

When you obtain a student visa to study at an Australian university or college, you will receive the finest education and most up to date information using innovative technology and world class facilities. You will be involved in cutting-edge research with real-time applications. Everything that you learn can be applied in the real world–making the Australian graduate the most sought after employee on the planet. Since 2006, the Australian Government has been thoroughly dedicated to making education a number one priority, attracting the world’s largest migration of foreign students to one of the planets most beautiful places, including students to non-self accrediting institutions that specialize in business, information technology, natural therapies, hospitality, health, law, and accounting. They have broken the language barrier with English courses. Australia has many training classes in English that are hard to beat.

I Want To Study In Australia. How Do I Go About It?

If you are reading this then you have taken the most important step towards your dream to study in Australia. The Virtual Student Agency Ebook and website can help you with all the other steps that you will need to take to fulfill that dream, free of charge. Once you have chosen exactly what and where you want to study, let us guide you through the process from applying for your student visa to finding accommodations on or near your chosen campus. We help students register at over 1500 institutions across the country. The Virtual Student Agency’s goal is to provide you with all the help you will need by answering your questions and providing you with up to date information. We are always only an email away and will answer any query within 24 hours, often faster.

Why Do You Help International Students Who Want To Study In Australia?

Like you, we had a dream. We also wanted to come to Australia to study–except then, there was very little information, and the help that we could find was incomplete and sometimes just flat wrong. Having to learn your way around the system by trial and error is difficult and time consuming. We can help you avoid all of the pitfalls, dead-ends, and false information because we have been here before. We know all of the tricks and shortcuts that will help you get where you want to be. We can save you money! Check out our ebook and website for special pricing and promotions to find the best way to study in Australia!

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