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Study in Australia: Graduation

Study in Australia - Graduation - Virtual Student AgencyCongratulations on completing your study in Australia and ready to receive your degree! It is time for graduation. Most colleges and universities hold their graduation ceremonies either on campus or at a facility in the city in which they are located. There has been a recent trend however among the Australian Institutions to hold graduation ceremonies in the country that is home to the majority of the graduating class. This allows the graduates who have completed their study in Australia to enjoy their celebrations among family, friend, and the people with whom they have kinship. This new tradition includes Asian cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

You have completed your Study in Australia.

Welcome Alumnus!

You may not realize it but when you chose to study in Australia, you also chose to network. Your fellow graduates, your employers while you studied, your research team and beneficiaries, even the university are now part of your future network. The moment you receive your qualification from an Australian institution, you become an eligible alumnus of your school’s alumni associations of which you can be a part. Your Alumni may even have a network branch in your hometown, even if you are an international student. When you study in Australia, you open an entirely new world of networking that is not available with other educational systems.

There are many reasons why belonging to an alumni network is important. Here are but a few.

  • Alumni networks help you stay connected to the friends you have made along the way, the institution and education contacts you have built upon, and any avenues of employment you have enjoyed.
  • Alumni networks give you broad exposure to business opportunities in your hometown or around the globe, including beautiful Australia.
  • Alumni networks provide an entire community of supportive fellow graduates with which you have many new things in common, including the shared experience of leaving your home to venture abroad and study in Australia!

Continue to Study in Australia

You may decide to further your education and continue to study in Australia. The Australian Qualifications Framework allows you the flexibility to choose whatever study course you decide meets your career goals as long as you continue to meet your student visa requirements. There may also be scholarships available to you that are specifically designed for further education.

Employment: The Competitive Edge

When you study in Australia, you receive a top-notch education and an edge over competitors in the workforce. Your Australian qualification is recognized by employers not only in Australia but around the world. The Australian graduate is highly regarded in all fields and in particular, business, finance, law, and medicine. Employers know the Australian graduate has been exposed to the latest technology and up to date research in any given field, including emerging fields like environmental sustainability, digital media, biotechnology, nano-technology, and eCommerce. These are the kind of doors that open to the students that study in Australia.

Employment Assistance

Many institutes in Australia offer seminars designed to help the graduate leaving for home with advice and employment strategies. These seminars can help the international student with what lies ahead.

Many large corporations run recruitment services to grab talented graduates before they hit the marketplace. Your Australian qualification (degree) is of value to them and sought after. There are also recruitment companies in Australia and abroad with links to employers and offer career counseling services.

The Australian government is developing a qualifications recognition program with other countries. This Memorandum of Understanding will be helpful to the Australian graduate looking for work abroad. They can also offer advice if you wish to further your education abroad.

Rules of Immigration

Immigration is an important part of Australia’s culturally diverse society. More than six million people have settled here from 200 countries since 1945. A full quarter of Australia’s populations are immigrants. Australia’s migration policies are fair and non-discriminatory with all applicants meeting the same set of criteria. A useful website for understanding these rules can be found here.

The Virtual Student Agency can answer any questions you may have about coming to Australia, visa, and immigration issues, including help with the Australian Government Skilled Migration Program.

The Skilled Migration Program looks for talented people with an education that can positively contribute to Australia’s economy. Approximately half of the people assessed under the program are international graduates with an Australian qualification or degree. For more information, please visit the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website or ask the Virtual Student Agency specifically.

Australian Qualifications Framework

Almost 500,000 people decided to study in Australia in the last year and take advantage of the quality of education that is offered here. Upon graduation, your qualification, also called a degree, will be recognized all over the world by international employers looking for excellence and other universities of higher education. The reason you are so recognizable is that all Australian qualifications, or degrees, are included in the AQF. The Australian Qualifications Framework is a system that links your school and qualification, and makes it easier to move to the next level from anywhere in Australia. The AQF is recognized around the world by employers who know that the AQF means that you have received a world class, technologically advanced, modern education and that you are ready for the workforce. The AQF also recognizes degrees from other countries that can contribute to the Australian commonwealth. They do this through the Australian Government organization, National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition, (NOOSR) which allows recognition for your previous studies by obtaining degrees and qualifications from overseas.

When You Study in Australia, The World Is Your Oyster

If you need more information, please contact our team at the Virtual Student Agency or visit the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s website.

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