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Steps Leading to Study in Australia

Steps leading to study in Australia - Virtual Student AgencyAt the Virtual Student Agency, our goal is to help you achieve your goal to study in Australia as painlessly as possible. We do this by supplying 24/7 email support to people from all over the world who want to live and study in Australia. We can help you every step of the way, from concept to arrival, securing living facilities, Choosing an English language course school and location, and even through higher education and/or vocational education and training. Our ability to place you quickly into email contact with English, Spanish, Portuguese, or Hungarian speaking representatives makes our service the best.

English courses are available to everyone, from students who speak no English at all, to those to whom English is a second language and will only need to take course specific English.

Plan and Select the Best Way to Study in Australia

At this stage of the game, you probably have at least a pretty general idea about what course of study you wish to pursue and whether you want to go to a university or take vocational education and training. Even if all you know is that–you want to study in Australia–that is okay. You can use our Virtual Course Finder to help you decide on a course of study and a location. This is a wonderful tool available on our website free of charge.


It is almost time to apply for admission to an institution of your choice to which you must meet at least the minimum academic requirements. Students need to apply for student visas so that they can work in what little spare time they will have. Student visas allow students to work up to fourty (40) hours fortnightly during the school term. During breaks, the student may work as many hours as they want. The IELTS is the only test accepted by Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Australia’s Educators set their own requirements on levels of English language skills on a course-to-course basis.

It is important to note here that IELTS is the most commonly accepted test by Australian education providers. Some course requirements will require a higher score on the IELTS (or other English language test) than that which is required to obtain student visas. Different courses require different levels of English as set by the institutions.

Other Academic Requirements to study in Australia


You are required to have an Australia Senior Secondary Certificate of Education, an A Level Certificate of Education, A High School Diploma, or your country’s equivalent thereof showing that you have completed your primary educational requirements. Some undergraduate courses may call for specific courses taken during this time.


Most institutions require the satisfactory completion of at least one undergraduate degree or in some cases, its equivalent in work experience.

Vocational Education and Training – Study in Australia

Some classes will require specific courses taken during primary education. Entrance requirements may vary from state or territory and outstanding academic performance is taken into consideration. The Virtual Student Agency will help you to explore all of your required needs.

While the steps leading to study in Australia may sound difficult and even confusing at times, the Virtual Student Agency is always just an email away to answer any questions and to make these steps completely clear so that you can make well-informed and productive decisions. To read the details of the visa application procedure to study in Australia, click here.

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