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Finding Accommodations

Accommodation for Australian Student - Virtual Student Agency

Another very important step for the Australian student to consider is choosing a place to live in Australia while attending school.

We provide help according to your preferences. Here are some of your options while considering this important yet often overlooked step in your journey.

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you are an Australian student who wants to be actively involved in the search then this is the perfect plan as they provide temporary lodging while you search. They are usually located in a central location in the city and close to internet-cafes and other places of interest to the Australian student like travel and job centers.

You can choose to stay in 6 to 8 bed co-ed dorm with other Australian students and travelers or in a more expensive but also more private room for two guests. Bathroom and kitchen facilities are often shared with other guests. They are clean, secure, and often run specials for guests staying more than a few days. Hostels are the perfect place to meet another Australian student looking to share a house or apartment.

Potential rates are $80 to $165 per week.

The Australian Student who Shares can Save

This is the most popular option among adventurous, outgoing people who wish to be an Australian student. There are always postings in websites, newspapers, and school bulletin boards for someone looking to share the expenses for a small house or an apartment and very often, it is another Australian student. Shared Accommodations offers the freedom to come and go as you please, cook for yourself, and gives you the privacy that hostels cannot offer.

There is usually a lease to sign but not always, a bond, which is a security deposit that is refunded less the cost of damage to the dwelling that has not been previously repaired or paid for, and four weeks rent in advance. This is a very popular option for the Australian student who does not mind more than two roommates.

Rents will vary according to location. The closer to the beach you want to be, the more expensive it becomes. Always figure your cost in relation to how many people share the dwelling, which can average $70 to $250 per week.

Keep in mind that you always run the risk of sharing with people who do not act or think as you do; a good for instance is cleanliness or people who smoke.

The Australian Student Who Wishes To Rent Alone

The rules are slightly different from shared accommodations. Property owners usually require advance payment of one months rent and a bond equal to one-month rent. (A bond is a refundable security deposit that is kept by the landlord to offset repairs if there is damage to the rental.) Always read your contract and walk through the house to ensure everything is as stated. Make a note of existing damage and take pictures of anything that is already in need of repair. These properties are usually not furnished. You will be responsible for utilities like electricity, gas, and internet service. Cost is usually $150 to $500 per week. The Australian student who chooses this option can expect to pay more than a shared accommodation.

The Australian Student and Homestay

This is the perfect option for the younger Australian student who wants the opportunity to live in Australia with supervision. Meals are included but there are self-catering Homestay families available as well. Homestay is offered by schools and educational providers as well as by private families. All families provided by the schools will be carefully chosen and adhere to strict regulations set forth by the school and other organizations. This is the perfect option for the homesick Australian student used to having family close.

Homestay is more structured, with each family setting their own rules as well as following the guidelines set forth. You may share a room with a family member of like age, another Australian student, or have a private room, depending on the family. Supervision is the key to Homestay and meals in non- self-catering homes are taken with the family. Internet service is usually provided and in some cases, television, radio, and other amenities come with the room. Homestay families can provide guardianship for students less than 18 years of age.

Homestay is an excellent opportunity for the young Australian students to learn English and use of public transportation and safe, enjoyable entertainment areas around the city with supervision. Families of under age students must provide other costs like health insurance. Homestay costs average $110 to 270.

Boarding School

Many private secondary schools provide accommodation, meals and laundry services for international students who study in Australia. Note: Tuition fees are in addition to the boarding fees. Cost is $10,000–20,000 a year. Many will provide brochures upon request.

Campus Accommodations 

This is the perfect solution for the Australian student, most universities and some vocational institutions offer a variety of accommodation on or near the campus, such as apartments, residential colleges, or halls of residence. The cost depends on the type of accommodation. Residential colleges are slightly more expensive and provide accommodation with meals. They may also have sporting and social facilities, tutoring, libraries, and computer facilities. Campus accommodation information may be found in the individual school’s brochures. Halls of residence are located on or near institution campuses. Students usually have meals and some cleaning services provided. Students need to apply early because demand for places is high. Cost/week: $80–250

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