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Education Providers in Australia

Education Providers in Australia - Virtual Student AgencyOne of the most important decisions you will ever make will be your field of study in Australia and we would not presume to try to help you with that, but before you delve into Australian higher education or an Australian college program, you may want to consider the skill level of your English language training. An Australian college of English language may be the first stop you should consider on your journey into your future. Whether you have little to no English or it is your second language, there is an Australia college class for you in the land down under.

To live and study in Australia is to have the perfect environment in which to improve your language skills. Australia implements the most up to date methods around, which includes video facilities, modern libraries, and computer software, not to mention their unique Language Laboratories.

There are five main type of English Language training available for the international student in an Australian college or vocational institute all over the country.

  1. General English has a main focus of communication development, speaking, and the ever-important listening skills that we all need to improve.
  2. Academic English is a vital course to prepare for an English speaking university or vocational school setting.
  3. Specific Purpose English breaks down your English language training for specific subjects such as Business, Aviation, or Hospitality and Tourism.
  4. Secondary School English is English preparation for introduction to a secondary school environment.
  5. Examination Prep Training: Nothing can better prepare you for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and other main English language test examinations as well as the English that you will hear and speak in your real live environment while studying in an Australian college or working and living in Australia. You should be prepared to practice your English skills as often as possible, taking advantage of every opportunity in or out of school life.

VET = Vocational Education & Training or Australian college

Hone your skills in real or simulated work environments in these wonderful schools. Hands on is the philosophy here as student learn a wide range of wise career choice in any Australian college available from many, like business management, science and technology, design and arts, communications, sports and recreation, hospitality and tourism, building and engineering horticulture, land management, and English to name a few.

Universities are recommended after an Australian college certificate

Australia has many fine universities and institutions of higher learning from which to choose. The courses taught throughout Australia range widely from Architecture to Zoology and everything in between. The teachers and professors in an Australia college do not just teach the course material, they encourage each and every student to become independent and help to stimulate the student’s intellectual and emotional growth. We have an excellent tool on our website called the “Virtual Course Finder.” It is designed to help you browse through information on many of our fine universities, institutions, and vocational facilities. Choosing the perfect Australian college or university is just as important as choosing your career path.

Foundation Studies

Depending on your qualifications and the direction for which you have previously prepared, you may wish to enter into a secondary school (Foundation studies.) These institutions offer intense, yearlong undergraduate courses. Studies include business and sciences as well as electives and English language support classes, similarly as an Australian College.

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