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Applying for an Australian Student Visa

Australian student visas - Virtual Student AgencyAlmost 500,000 (491,565) people chose to study in Australia under the conditions of one of the Australian student visas last year, as more and more people realize the benefits and privilege of going to school in such an educational minded and beautiful place. The world is beginning to recognize Australia as a welcoming place to receive a globally accepted education qualification. The Australia Student has a two-punch combination of enjoying the best educational system around with an exceptionally beautiful and culturally diverse country in which to study.

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A few things you should know when applying for Australian student visas:

  • You must know your major course of study.
  • You must already be accepted into a registered course of study by the institution. You are required to submit the following proof: Online–the code from your electronic confirmation of enrollment. By Regular Post (Or in person)– either a copy of your confirmation of enrollment or your letter of offer.
  • The institution for which you are applying for a student visa must be a registered Australian Education Provider on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students. (CRICOS)
  • You must be able to pay for tuition, travel, and living expenses for you and your partner and dependent children. You must be able to support them whether they travel with you or not.
  • If you plan to study in Australia under a corporate sponsor, it must be one that conducts commercial activities outside of the country in which it is based. Your primary course of study must show direct relevance to your employment with your sponsor corporation.
  • You will be required to receive a medical examination by an authorized physician
  • You will need to obtain health insurance and maintain it during the life of your student visa

Student visas are issued according to the type of education you plan to receive; therefore, you must know what your future holds as an Australian student before you apply for the visa. Once you have determined whether to apply for a higher education student visa, a vocational training student visa, an ELICOS student visa, or one of the other student visas offered, you could proceed to apply for the correct visa for you.

When you apply for a student visa, you will receive a medical examination by an authorized panel doctor.

Health Insurance is Required for Australian Student Visas

People obtaining Australian student visas are also required to obtain insurance from OSHC. (Overseas Student Health Coverage) It is a condition of the Australian student visas, for the duration of your stay. You are required to be covered for the entire stay.

OSHC coverage is set up on the Medicare Benefits Schedule. (MBS) This means that you will usually be charged more than the benefit coverage will pay. Here is how it works. If you need to go to the doctor, you must pay out of pocket. OSHC will then reimburse you for the covered amount.

Dental, vision, and physiotherapy is not covered although they will contribute towards a percentage of prescription drugs and ambulance service in the case of an emergency.


OSHC is not needed if you are a Norwegian student with Norwegian National Insurance Scheme or a Swedish student already covered the National Board of Student Aid by Kammarkollegiet.

Available OSHC Providers for Australian Student Visas

OSHC will only cover you while you are in Australia on any of the Australian Student Visas. If you plan to travel anywhere during your stay, including New Zealand, you will need to obtain additional travel insurance. Premiums run between $70 to $90 dollars for three months coverage and only cover you as an individual. Family plans are available if they are needed.

Since coverage starts when you arrive, you might want to look into travel insurance during your trip from your home country.

The Virtual Student Agency is available to you during the entire process of any Australia student visas.

Other Requirements for Australian Student Visas 

You must be of good character to live, study, and work in Australia. You will be asked to complete a character declaration that is part of the visa process and will be used as a guide to assess your character.

Students aged 18 years and older will be asked to declare your respect towards Australia and the values she embraces, and to abide by the laws that she upholds. As part of the visa application, when you sign it, you will also be signing your declaration to the values statement of Australia.

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