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Policy Change Makes The Studies Australia Offers Easier To Obtain For Overseas Students

Policy Change Makes The Studies Australia Offers Easier To Obtain For Overseas Students - Virtual Student Agency

Finally, students who have always longed for the studies Australia has to offer in the “Land Down Under” can breathe a sigh of relief. Until now, it has been next to impossible for the children of lower middle class and private sector families to fulfill this dream thanks to a too strict suite of policies that put that dream out of reach. There were three harsh criteria in specific that made going to study in Australia possible only for the rich and influential. To qualify for the studies Australia offers, your average student needed…

– An outrageous amount of patience

– Money in the bank

– A mastery of the English language

Time On The Student’s Side For Studies Australia Style

Chris Bowden, Australia’s Minister for Immigration and Citizenship recently announced the changes, one of which does away with the student pre-visa assessment arrangements that ultimately delayed the process for so long that students were seeking their education in other countries and foregoing the excellent studies Australia provides. Without the delays of up to a year, more money should flow into Australia’s economy through education.

Studies Australia Provides Easier For The Private Sector

Another issue that has been addressed is the amount of money that a student or their parents have to prove by up to $36,000. This is a huge step in ensuring that the private sector has a real chance of sending more students to colleges and universities in Australia. The measure helps those who would otherwise have been unable to attend schools in what is thought of as one of the finest educational systems on the planet.

Less English Required For Studies Australia Provides

The final and perhaps most important change to the existing policy have to do with the level of English a new student must already possess when applying for an education and the kind of first rate studies Australia can supply. The English language test requirements have been completely abolished for stand-alone assessment level 4 and above, which means that students of ELICOS, the English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students need know less English to become a visa applicant.

A Good First Step For Studies Australia Offers

These are but three of the changes that many people thought were long overdue in a process that has been in place far too long. It is still not a perfect process and it is still not so easy that a cave man could do it, but it is a step in the right direction. The changes go a long way in showing that Australia is serious about being a leader of worldwide education. It is a good first step and wonderful news for those who yearn for the studies Australia offers.

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  • Priyank Goupta

    I loved the old way when changes related to student visa happened once a year. Good old times. (4-5 years)

  • Lou Long

    I could not score more than 5.0 on IELTS and that made it very hard to apply for a vocational course. I hope my score will be enough after the changes.

  • Frank Adams

    Finally some ease. It looks like the Australian government starts to recognize the real loss after making the student visa application process so hard.

  • Ruth Flores

    Keep up with more good news about the student visa. We need them.

  • Scott Allen

    This is exactly what I wanted. These changes will make it easier to apply for student visa. I would not be able to show evidence of the required amount of money as of now, but this will help.

  • Anna Morgan

    Great work. How can you be so up to date all time? I liked the middle part about the required amount of money – it answered a lot of the questions I’ve had on the subject.

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    • Adam at VSA-AU

      Thank you in advance. We look forward to help as many students as possible to come to study in Australia.

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  • Rosan

    It is so needed. After making the student visa process so difficult hopefully these changes will make it a bit easier. Thanks for the explanation.

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    The article on student visa changes was pretty good. I liked it!

  • Peter Bell

    Do you have information related to PR too? I am waiting for my PR after student visa more than 2 years. :(

    • Adam at VSA-AU

      We have an immigration agent to help, but your case is special as you have already launched your application. I hope you have used an immigration agent or lawyer to represent you as the process can be very frustrating.

      Personally I think the process of PR’s will be not much quicker until next year. It is already December.

  • Peter Turner

    Changes, changes, changes….. What will be next. Once make it difficult, once make it easy. What do they want to achieve?

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