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New Challenges and New Scholarships to Study in Australia

UQ - New Challenges and New Scholarships to Study in AustraliaThere is a new challenge for those international students who want to study in Australia. In today’s global workforce, graduates must be ready to face new and exciting challenges unlike any our previous generation have ever encountered. In this new and complex age, trends towards the future are more diverse and complicated than ever before. That is why I was so excited to learn about the new undergraduate scholarships being offered to international students at the University of Queensland.

Study in Australia with Queensland Scholarships

The University of Queensland UQ, is one of Australia’s most up to date and advanced research and practical applications institutions in the world offering the international student unique opportunity to be well ahead of the game upon graduation. I was so excited to learn about the new scholarship program that I just had to write this and spread the great news. Here is the skinny on the scholarships offered to the international student who wants to study in Australia.

Fantastic Opportunities to Study in Australia

The University of Queensland is looking for international students who have shown outstanding academic performance. They realize that it is very expensive to pursue an education and want to help by offering an unprecedented undergraduate scholarship of AU$6000. There are a limted number of these scholarships and will only be offered for a limited time. To qualify, the outstanding international students must meet these terms.

Study in Australia Scholarship Requirements at  UQ

  • A score in the equivalent to an Queensland tertiary education of 96 or above
  • Must not be participating in any other scholarship offer
  • Must register for the full program with the only credits requested being that of IB credit
  • Must have an offer that is full and without conditions
  • Must complete the application thoroughly, including a personal statement. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

While your leadership ability and public service work, along with your written educational goals will be a part of the determining process, academic merit is of the highest priority. See further details here.

Study in Australia at The University of Queensland

As fantastic as this wonderful scholarship program is for those international students who want to study in Australia, Queensland offers many other scholarships for the international student to apply for and enjoy. See their opportunities link for more information.

The University of Queensland really cares about the international student who wants to study in Australia.

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