Come to study in Australia! The Virtual Student Agency can help you achieve your career dreams. It might sound bold, but we offer about 1,500 of Australia providers' more than 26,000 education courses. Are you ready to take the first step to start the career of your dreams? Our services are free!

What Kind of Courses are Available in Australia?

Close to 900 Vocational, 1.300 undergraduate and more than 500 postgraduate CRICOS courses are waiting for you to explore and come to study in Australia.The Virtual School Finder is a unique application that allows you to narrow your search for an institution to attend in beautiful Australia.

This insightful school locator uses your course of study, desired level of education, and the even the Australian location you wish to experience to provide you with a list of Australian institutions that are currently registered with the *Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students. (CRICOS)

Let’s take the Virtual School Finder for a spin and see how she handles.

Enter your keyword to the Subject field e.g. Business, English Language, or Psychology. For the purposes of this test drive, enter Business Management.

If you were to leave the Virtual School Finder Location box set to the default location of “Australia” and change the Qualification Level to Vocational and click on the Search button, you would get a complete list of CRICOS registered schools that offer courses in Business Management on Vocational Level. As you can see, you have 68 courses from which to choose.

You may narrow your choices by entering a Location. If you wanted to pursue your Business Management course in New South Wales, you could choose from 24 courses. For now, let’s change the “Location” box to Western Australia and click Search. You now have 10 courses from which to choose.

As you can see, the Virtual School Finder gives you several search options in one easy place. Now all you have to do is find the institution that is right for you. You have all of the course, qualifications, and locations readily available! Give your Virtual Student Agency Representative a call or start a chat message and discuss your final choices with them for more information on anything you need to know or help with admission. It’s that easy!

The Virtual School Finder

Just one more way the Virtual Student Agency is there for you.

*All schools that wish to participate in the Virtual Student Agency’s Course Finder must be CRICOS registered. The Australian Department of Education, Employment, and Workplace Relations require all schools who accept overseas student to register and adhere to strict guidelines designed to meet and exceed the overseas student’s educational needs. Study in Australia for the kind of education that will carry you for a lifetime.

Decide to study in Australia now:

You’ll gain a top-quality education and the adventure of a lifetime.

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