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About the Virtual Student Agency by Scott Kuttner

The Virtual Student Agency is the brainchild of Adam Kopacsy – a man with a dream. Adam grew up in Hungary with a longing to see strange and exotic new places. From childhood, he knew that he was destined to help others find and fulfil their dreams. Through hard work and perseverance, Adam left his beloved home and began a journey to Australia where he studied, working his way through school. Many people with this same dream tried and failed, finding themselves trapped in low paying jobs in the homelands to which they were forced to retreat… but not Adam. Refusing to give up, Adam succeeded where others failed, went home, or never found the courage to leave at all.

Adam once confided in me about a moment in time that I knew turned out to be a turning point in his life. He had just arrived in Australia. The person who was supposed to meet him at the airport and take him to the institution did not show up. Adam had put the only phone number he had in the bottom of his seaman’s bag (present from his seaman father) under just about everything he could fit into the 20 kg luggage limit. Customs had been a nightmare. Speaking and understanding almost no English, Adam stood surrounded by his possessions that he had dumped at his feet while frantically trying to find the agency’s phone number. He was alone in Australia. He could not make anyone understand him and he could just barely understand them. In this moment of exasperation, Adam knew even then, that he would have to do something to help other people avoid this kind of disheartening and nearly dream killing incident.

He was completely frustrated and almost helpless and he had not even made it out of the airport.

Eight years later, Adam is living his dream. In the last few years, with the help of friends he met along the way who not only shared his vision, but also underwent some of the same hardships to reach their goals, he has developed the Virtual Student Agency. He is a citizen of the most beautiful and culturally diverse country on the planet, Australia. The glorious land down under is the last place on earth that can truly be called a land of opportunity. Adam made it through the most unique and challenging educational system on the planet and now dedicates his life and energy to helping those with the same dream to come and study in Australia.

Adam’s unique system is taken from his own experiences and those of other dedicated individuals. He has designed an amazing, step by step process to get to Australia, attend an Australian institution, and succeed! He helps people like you find and apply to Australian institutions, supplying you with the know how and insider secrets like what documents to submit and how to apply for and receive a student visa. The Virtual Student Agency and its Agents will help you know how to pack, what to do to quickly and painlessly get through customs, and arrange for your airport pick-up. We will even help you find temporary and permanent accommodations.

Read incredible articles with helpful study tips and all the inside tricks to finding and maintaining work while you study in Australia. Learn how to beat jet lag and culture shock, how to attain a tax file number, your sole trader ABN, and dozens of other small obstacles that when stacked together can become an insurmountable wall. Your Virtual Agent stays with you all the way through graduation and beyond, showing you where to get career guidance so that you can get on track after college.

Simply express the desire to come to Australia and we will be there for you!

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