Come to study in Australia! The Virtual Student Agency can help you achieve your career dreams. It might sound bold, but we offer about 1,500 of Australia providers' more than 26,000 education courses. Are you ready to take the first step to start the career of your dreams? Our services are free!
  • We are aiming to be "The World's Biggest Little Student Agency".
    We have 10 dedicated staff members to look after your questions related to study in Australia and provide you personalized advice.
    Our services are free.

  • Infinity Immigration and Education Consultants is a registered migration agency in Australia. We have established a great relationship with them to provide reliable answers to our clients related to student visa and beyond.

The Virtual Student Agency is here to help you. Our services are free!

Study in AustraliaIf it is your dream to Study in Australia, but do not know how to go about it, then The Virtual Student Agency can help you to realize your dreams. Our services are completely free.

We will put you in touch with a variety of Australian education establishments, and guide and assist you wherever necessary.

Do you want to study in Australia?

At the Virtual Student Agency, we will guide you from the birth of an idea to Study in Australia, right through the course selection, healthcare, accommodation, and the application of a student visa.

Even if you have previously Studied in Australia, but have found that you choose a course which will not lead to your ideal career, all is not lost!

The Virtual Student Agency will guide you to select a course which is just right for YOU!

Remember that our services are absolutely free. The Virtual Student Agency is here to help you.

We will recommend the perfect university, college or other educational institution for you.

Why Australia? - Beaches, Lifestyle and you can work legally

Australia has some pretty tough and strict immigration laws. A legitimate student visa will allow you entrance into the country without any hassles. If you want to work while studying, this will be permitted, as long as you do not break any of the conditions of your visa. We will recommend the perfect university, college or other educational institution for you.

Many of Australia's major cities, such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, are located along the coastline. There are miles of golden beaches, so if swimming, tanning or surfing is your game, pack your swimming gear and your surfboard!

Australia is a vibrant, exciting country, with many interesting things to see and do. There is something for everyone, and for those who want to get the best out of life, opportunities abound.

Come to Study in Australia!
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Virtual Student Agency Adam Kopacsy

Virtual Student Agency

My dream is to help international students to be able to come to study in Australia.

Together with my team at Virtual Student Agency we provide free services for international students willing to study in Australia from the idea through all applications until graduation and over.

Owner and Founder of Virtual Student Agency

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I Want to Study in Australia and I’m on My Way!

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Introducing the Virtual Student Agency

Study in Australia

What Kind of Courses are Available in Australia?

Are you not sure where and what to study in Australia? Use our unique Virtual Course Finder to find your dream course. More than 26.000 courses from close to 1.500 Australian Education provider waiting for you. The Virtual School Finder is a unique application that allows you to narrow your search for an institution to attend in beautiful Australia.

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Study in Australia

About the Virtual Student Agency by Scott Kuttner

Adam’s unique system is taken from his own experiences and those of other dedicated individuals. He has designed an amazing, step by step process to get to Australia, attend an Australian institution, and succeed! Adam grew up in Hungary with a longing to see strange and exotic new places.

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Study in Australia

Great support to apply for student visa

Are you looking for an affordable professional help to launch your student visa application to study in Australia? IIEC is the answer to your needs. Our clients receive student visa related services for only $50, which is 50% discount. IIEC is an experienced immigration agency focusing on students’ visa needs. Launch your student visa application through IIEC to have much better success rate.

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